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Kiwi Team Nail Qualifiers at Vorupor, Denmark


From:   Surfing New Zealand
Sport:   International Surfing
Event:  2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship
Disciplines: SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Race, SUP Long Distance. Paddleboard Technical Race, Paddleboard Long Distance Race
Date:    1st – 10th September 2017
Location: Vorupor, Denmark
Websites: ISA and Surfing New Zealand #ISAWSUPPC #ISAWorlds

Ollie Houghton (NZL) chases down Daniel Hasulyo (HUN) in his Men’s SUP Technical Race heat. Image courtesy of ISA

Kiwi Team Nail Qualifiers at Vorupor, Denmark

The New Zealand Team has made a clean sweep of the qualifying rounds in the technical races at the 2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship held at Vorupor, Denmark overnight (5th September local time).

New Zealand advanced all six competing athletes through to the finals of their respective races which will potentially be held on Saturday or Sunday.

Overnight results see the New Zealand Team maintain their number one team ranking at the event with five days remaining.

The technical races for the prone disciplines were held first thing in the morning with both Jasmine Smith (Gis) and Sam Shergold (Mnt) winning their heats to advance through to the final of the Women’s and Men’s.  Neither athlete ever looked in danger of missing the final, both leading from the outset.

Smith put a healthy two minute lead on her opponents pushing herself as a test run in the lead up to the final.

“It was a good opportunity to get familiar with the race course and have a good little hit out to shake out the cobwebs. The course is pretty fun and I can’t wait till the final” said Smith post-race.

She will now match up against superstar Australian, Jordan Mercer in the final, Mercer having already pipped Kiwi Jessica Miller for gold in the distance race by less than a metre.  Smith will want to get one back over the Australian in the Technical Race.

Shergold completed his heat alongside Frenchman Julien Lalanne the two athletes extending a sizeable lead over their opponents before Shergold broke away for a comfortable win.  Shergold is a late replacement in the discipline but will challenge for a medal to go with his silver he secured in the distance race earlier at the event.

Penelope Strickland (Auck) is on track to defend her title in the Women’s SUP Technical Race after advancing through her heat and into the final.

“Today’s heats were really fun” commented a jovial Strickland.  “Given my illness in the last week and losing a toenail in my practice start just before the race, I wasn’t confident about getting a walk through in the top four.  However, as soon as we had completed the first lap it was just a matter of paddling strong but not overdoing it. I felt strong and had plenty in reserve” she added.

Strickland was joined by Annabel Anderson (Queenstown) who won her heat to advance.  Anderson will go head-to-head with Strickland in the final in search of her second gold medal at the event, the two athletes being touted as potential medallists.

And, with weather and swell forecasts changing daily, both athletes are confident they will be ready for whatever conditions they are faced with.

In the Men’s Prone Technical Races, both Ollie Houghton Auck) and Marcus Hansen (Whangarei) advanced through to the finals.

Houghton placed second in his heat behind Daniel Hasulyo (HUN).  Hasulyo took the copper medal in the distance race while his brother took gold.  If the ocean remains flat for final races, the Hungarians will again be a force while Houghton is wishing for a few waves to make it more interesting.

“Apparently it’s supposed to get up to 6 foot and 30 knots onshore which will be absolutely awesome, I’d love to see it like that” said Houghton.

Houghton was happy with his performance and sticking with the heat winner Hasulyo.

“I had to push really hard to get into that front pack behind Daniel, my goal was to get top three to the first buoy and I got second so I just snuck onto Daniel’s draft for a while and tried to just hold my pace for the rest of the race” said Houghton.

Marcus Hansen placed third in his heat behind Bruno Hasulyo (HUN) and Casper Steinfath (DEN), two gold medallists from the distance and sprint races held at start of the event.

The men’s final will include 30 athletes which will have a significant impact on the start and also the traffic around buoys making it more difficult for athletes and vital that the Kiwi’s get good starts to avoid congestion.

The SUP Surf discipline is expected start on Wednesday (local time) and carry on through to Thursday before a potential lay day on Friday due to lack of waves.  Kiwis in action will include Trevor Tunnington (Gold Coast based), Sean Hovell (Gis), Stella Smith (Gis) and Lucy Te Moananui (Kaikoura).

Please see below for results from day 3 (Tuesday 5th September local time) of the 2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships being held in Denmark from the 1st – 10th September.

Men’s SUP Technical Race Heats
Heat 1 (top four advance)

1, Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)
2, Casper Steinfath (DEN)
3, Marcus Hansen (NZL)
4, Arthur Arutkin (FRA)

Heat 2 (top four advance)
1, Dániel Hasulyo (HUN)
2, Oliver Houghton (NZL)
3, Titouan Puyo (FRA)
4, Aaron Rowe (CIS)

Women’s SUP Technical Race Heats
Heat 1

1, Annabel Anderson (NZL)
2, Laura Quetglas (ESP)
3, Nicoline Elisavetha (DEN)
4, Amandine Chazot (FRA)

Heat 2
1, Olivia Piana (FRA)
2, Penelope Armstrong (NZL)
3, Manca Notar (SLO)
4, Susak Molinero (ESP)

September Weekend High Tides


High Tides 

September Saturday 9th    Ht 11.56
Sunday   10th   Ht 12.30
Saturday 16th   Ht 06.20
Sunday    17th   Ht 07.00
Saturday 23rd  Ht 11.50
Sunday    24th  Ht 12.20
Saturday  30th Ht 06.25

New Zealand Team Add Another Medal to the Tally, Lead Team Rankings


From:   Surfing New Zealand
Sport:   International Surfing
Event:  2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship
Disciplines: SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Race, SUP Long Distance. Paddleboard Technical Race, Paddleboard Long Distance Race
Date:    1st – 10th September 2017
Location: Vorupor and Copenhagen, Denmark
Websites: ISA and Surfing New Zealand #ISAWSUPPC #ISAWorlds

New Zealand Team Add Another Medal to the Tally, Lead Team Rankings

Trevor Tunnington post silver medal in the Men’s SUP Sprint Race. Image courtesy of ISA.

The New Zealand Team has notched up their fourth medal at the 2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship being held in Denmark with a silver medal going to Trevor Tunnington (Gold Coast based) in the Men’s SUP Sprint Race.

The medal sees New Zealand maintain their number one ranking at the event ahead of France, Australia and Hawaii who complete the top four.

Tunnington and Annabel Anderson (Queenstown) were the only athletes in action on the second day of the event backing up after the gruelling distance races on day one.

Tunnington, who is renowned for his sprint racing, eased his way through the heats to the final where he faced off against the best in the world.  Local athlete Casper Steinfath (DEN) dominated the final by over a second leaving Tunnington to battle it out for the minor placings.  Coming into the final 30m of the race, Tunnington found the power to edge past the Brazilian paddler into second place.

“It was all kind of a blur” exclaimed Tunnington post-race.

“The race hooter went off and I think I got a pretty good start. I ran my own race and just concentrated on the chop and keeping the board at the correct pitch. I didn’t pay attention to anybody else in the field. In fact I had no idea where I came at the end; luckily my teammates were keeping score for me! All I know is it was anybody’s game” he added.

Tunnington was feeling the effects of the 18km distance race the day prior where he placed tenth after losing the leading pack early on and having to put in extra effort to keep pace.

“I had absolutely no energy left after yesterday’s race and this morning I was worried about the sprints as my shoulders and lats were stiff and aching. I went for a warm up paddle with Connor Baxter before our sprint heats and he was in just as much pain. I guess it wasn’t the best thing to do right before the sprints but it was great to be involved with both races” said Tunnington.

The workload continues for the Gold Coast based athlete who now turns his attention to the SUP Surfing Discipline which kicks off at Vorupor on the 5th(local time).  He will lean on the strong support of the Kiwi team to build up for the next challenge.

“It’s so great being a part of a team especially since I feel like it’s usually every man for themselves with the big events that we compete in around the world”.

“I’m up against the big boys in the surfing like Sean Poynter (USA), Mo Freitas (Hawaii) and Caio Vas (BRA) so I’m really interested to see how I fair against them and look forward to learning from their experience”.

Today, Anderson could not replicate Tunnington’s success or her gold medal performance in the distance race from the first day.  Anderson was ousted in the first heat of the women’s at the hands of athletes from Brazil and South Africa finishing ninth.

Anderson also continues her campaign from the 5th September competing in the Women’s Technical SUP Races held in the waves at Vorupor.

The two athletes will be joined by seven of their team mates in competition over the next five days.

Three athletes from Gisborne will be in action including sisters Jasmine and Stella Smith in the Technical Prone and SUP Surfing as well as Sean Hovell in the Men’s SUP Surfing.

Stella Smith is joined by Kaikoura’s Lucy Te Moananui in the surfing.

Marcus Hansen (Whangarei) returns in the Men’s Technical Race and is joined by Ollie Houghton (Auckland).  Penelope Strickland (Auckland) will also return to the fold to defend her title in the Women’s SUP Technical Race.

Full team in action from the 5th – 10th September:

Men’s SUP Surf – Trevor Tunnington (Gold Coast based) and Sean Hovell (Gis) – SUP Surf
Women’s SUP Surf – Stella Smith (Gis)  and Lucy Te Moananui (Kaikoura)
Men’s SUP Technical Race – Marcus Hansen (Whangarei) and Oliver Houghton (Auck)
Women’s SUP Technical Race – Penelope Strickland (Auckland) and Annabel Anderson (Qtown)
Men’s Prone Technical Race – Sam Shergold (Mount Maunganui)
Women’s Prone Technical Race – Jasmine Smith (Gisborne)

Please see below for results from day 2 (3rd December local time) of the 2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships being held in Denmark from the 1st – 10th September.

Men’s SUP Sprint Race Final
1, Casper Steinfath DEN 00.57.45
2, Trevor Tunnington NZL 00.58.51
3, Arthur Santacreu BRA 00.58:69
4, Lincoln Dews AUS 00.59.67

Women’s SUP Sprint Race Final
1, Manca Notar SLO 1.07.58
2, Amandine Chazot FRA 1.10.43
3, Jade Howson USA 1.11.58
4, Yuka Sato JPN 1.13.35

Kiwi Gold and Two Silvers on Day One of the ISA Worlds


From:   Surfing New Zealand
Sport:   International Surfing
Event:  2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship
Disciplines: SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Race, SUP Long Distance. Paddleboard Technical Race, Paddleboard Long Distance Race
Date:    1st – 10th September 2017
Location: Vorupor and Copenhagen, Denmark
Websites: ISA and Surfing New Zealand #ISAWSUPPC #ISAWorlds

Annabel Anderson with a post-race salute. Image courtesy of ISA.

Kiwi Gold and Two Silvers on Day One of the ISA Worlds

The New Zealand Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Team have secured a gold and two silvers on the first day of the 2017 ISA World Championships being held in Denmark this week.

World number one ranked Annabel Anderson (Queenstown) lived up to expectations taking gold in the Women’s Stand Up Paddleboard Distance Race.  Prone Paddleboarders Sam Shergold (Mnt) and Jessica Miller (Gold Coast) claimed silver in their respective distance races.

The results have given New Zealand an ideal start to the event sitting inside the top five teams at the event.

Anderson’s emphatic win was the biggest of all races on the first day putting over two minutes on her opponents despite a less than desirable build up which saw all of her equipment lost in transit.

Anderson had to compete on a borrowed board with her paddles only turning up hours before the race.

“I’ve been in a lot of competition and pressure situations where things have gone really wrong and are far from ideal.  I knew that if I could rally gear, I had some bullets to fire if I could make the start.  So that is all I worried about, the stuff I could control and getting the job done regardless of the situation” said Anderson of her predicament.

On borrowed gear, Anderson used the first of four laps as a recce and to figure out her board and where the other girls were at before putting on a couple of surges then finding some boat wake to extend a lead on her opponents.

“From that point on, I took it up a gear and extended every lap winning by about two minutes” said Anderson.

She will now refocus on the sprint races scheduled for day two as well as repairing her race boards that have now arrived in an un-useable state.

Mount Maunganui’s Sam Shergold battled it out with Australian Lachie Landsdown in the first of two tight races on the prone paddleboards, missing out on a title defence through a photo finish.

“It was a good dash to the finish and once we crossed the line, both of us didn’t know who had got it” said Shergold who, after four laps of duelling with the Australian had to settle for second.

“The first lap, Lachie and myself worked together to put a gap on the rest of the field so we could battle it out. Laps 2-3 were about doing a bit of testing of each other, seeing where we could make a move how each other reacted. The fourth lap the pace was on, easily the fastest lap of the race.

“Copenhagen is a beautiful city and it was a privilege to race in the waters and in front of a vibrant crowd and the queen who was in”.

Shergold will contest the shorter technical race later in the week in place of Cory Taylor who had to pull out of the event due to injury.

“I now have an opportunity to redeem myself and get one back on those Aussies” stated Shergold.

The second tight race of the day also went to the Australian’s over New Zealand, this time Jordan Mercer getting the better of Jessica Miller (Gold Coast based) by a mere 30cm in the Women’s Prone Paddleboard Distance Race.

“Jordy ended up having the inside line around the last buoy which we both were after then the last 100m was just about who had enough left in the tank” said Miller.

“Going around the last buoy she gained about a board length on me but I pulled her in and ended up coming second by that narrow margin” she added.

“The atmosphere was pumping for the athletes in the races with the four 5km laps that we raced. Competing in a city like Copenhagen is unreal and is an unforgettable experience especially racing throughout canals surrounded by old buildings.

Three additional Kiwi athletes were also competing on the first day of the event.  Trevor Tunnington (Gold Coast based) and Marcus Hansen (Whangarei) finished the Men’s Stand Up Paddleboard Race in tenth and eleventh respectively.  The men’s race was loaded with top international talent that saw the winners crossing the line just under five minutes ahead of the Kiwis.

Tunnington will be back in action on the second day of the event in the sprint races as well as contesting the SUP surfing later in the week.

Penelope Strickland (Auckland) also contested the women’s distance race finishing 17th.  Strickland will now turn her attention to the technical races in a bid to defend her title.

Australia is defending champions from 2016 where New Zealand finished third.  The 2017 event has attracted a record 42 nations and 286 athletes.

The remaining schedule for the event is as follows:

September 3: Men’s and Women’s SUP Sprint Races plus medal ceremonies (Distance and Sprint)
September 5 – 10: SUP Surf, SUP and Prone Technical Races, Team Relays, Closing Ceremony

Please see below for results from the first day (2nd December local time) of the 2017 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships being held in Denmark from the 1st – 10th September.

Men’s Stand Up Paddleboard Distance Race (18km)
1st Bruno Hasulyo (HUN) – 01:51:32
2nd Connor Baxter (HAW) – 01:51:47
3rd Titouan Puyo (FRA) – 01:52:00
4th Daniel Hasulyo (HUN) – 01:52:25
10th Trevor Tunnington (NZL) – 01:56:02
11th Marcus Hansen (NZL) – 01:56:36

Women’s Stand Up Paddleboard Distance Race (18km)
1st Annabel Anderson (NZL) – 02:02:08
2nd Sonni Honscheid (GER) – 02:04:21
3rd Olivia Piana (FRA) – 02:05:02
4th Fiona Wylde (USA) – 02:05:13
17th Penelope Armstrong (NZL) – 02:11:41

The wind has eased …..


No wind this morning with a mid to incoming tide. Time to paddle. Dont muck around get on the water.
High tide at 12.30 almost the middle of the day. Tomorrow is looking similar with light winds in the morning and a freshening southwest in the afternoon.

We are fully booked for lesson this weekend, but we can do board hireage if you have been before.

right now

right now

Summer isn’t too far away


As I sit here and look out the window at another day of white caps yu start to think when will the better weather get here. well its not too far away, the winds will lighten in the next couple of weeks and we are already experiencing warmer temps. The water temp has gone up a degree and once the northerly winds start that are normal for summer we will see another degree of rise in temp of the water.

summer last year

summer last year

Wind continues


Yes the wind continues, but we knew it would. It does every year so why wouldn’t be any different this summer. Don’t get me wrong I am not moaning. Today is real windy and it is coming out of the southwest to west. So very hard to find a paddling spot this morning.

High tide is at 9.40 this morning.

Friday not good


It is not a good day to go paddling today. The weather is improving, snuck a couple of paddles in this week.

Great for an evening paddle

Great for an evening paddle

We have rain and sun mixed together this morning. High tide is at 11.15 this morning. Forecast for the weekend isnt looking the best either. Which is a bit of a bummer as the tides are very convenient, with high tomorrow at midday and on Sunday at 12.40. So keep an eye on the weather you never know, maybe Sunday it will improve.

Much better day


It is looking much better this morning with a light southwest wind forecast to swing more to the south as the day goes on. High tide is this morning at 10.45 this morning. Just waiting for the tide to fill in a little more and we will be out there.

Sunday morning

Sunday morning


Friday already


Friday already, dont the weeks just fly by. High tide is this morning at 9.35 am.
Light winds now but fresher southwest winds this afternoon. Windy tomorrow, but looking better with lighter winds on Sunday. We wont be around on Saturday, but on Sunday we are in full swing at The Shed . The high tide is at 10.45 on Sunday. Just perfect if you are keen for a paddle.

Another day off


Off work that is and another day to go paddling. A very light northerly first thing that will probably freshen as the day goes on as they say. The tide is dropping heading to the only  low tide today at 11.35am. High is late this afternoon at 6.20pm. Early evening really, all good though just have to be patient if you want to paddle on the higher tide today. Should be able to be on the water by 3 to 3.30 just depends what the wind does.

Yesterday was a busy day and a great day to go paddling. Kicked off the morning with Marsha and kids getting a glassey low tide paddle in.  i must add here that yes you can paddle on low tide, just is very wind dependent and is really only do able with now wind. Reason being is that the water you are paddling on is just so exposed to the wind at low tide.

Hamish and his crew

Hamish and his crew

Yesterday we caught up with Hamish and his family who have become friends of ours through paddle boarding. Great to see these guys get an excellent session in to kick off their paddle board summer season. Also another group of friends come along a bit earlier in the day who hadn’t had a go before and as you can see by the pic below, a good time was had.

Shannon and the lads

Shannon and the lads

Looking good


Another great day for the long weekend. High tide this afternoon at 5.00pm. A freshening southwesterly this morning that is forecast to ease and become light this afternoon. Keep those fingers crossed, it was great day yesterday . We enjoyed a rather pleasant paddle down to Lorenzen Bay with Tony, Sue and Zowie.

We are fully booked this afternoon, but do have spots available tomorrow.

Waves on the beach today if you are wanting to practice your paddle board surfing. Make sure you head down the beach somewhere away from every one else if you are learning and at the beginner stage.

Marsha and family

Marsha and family



Beautiful day in raglan this morning, we are just starting to see the forecast south to southwest breeze developing.

High tide this afternoon just before 4.00pm.

Sunset from THE SHED

Sunset from THE SHED


Sunny and windy


Sunny and windy pretty much describes the last couple of days. It is spring and that is what we expect isn’t it ? Great it isn’t raining though, was getting very sick of that weather. So a long weekend coming up and the forecast is the standard longer range forecast from the met office saying cloudy and sunny. The wind is looking like a southwesterly tending more southerly and easing. Not looking too bad. Will up as we get closer.

High tide today was at 12.20pm.

Long Weekend Tides
Saturday 22nd Ht:3.50pm
Sunday    23rd  Ht:5.00pm
Monday   24th Ht:6.20pm

We are fully booked on Sunday, but have room for more paddlers on Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon.
Just email me on keith@thepaddleboardshed.co.nz to make a booking.

Good Morning


It is a good morning as well. What a change to yesterday. High tide is at 8.25 this morning. High again at 9.00 this evening. Nice a calm first thing with a glassey harbour stretching out in front of The Shed. But we are expecting the southwest wind to freshen this morning .

looking good this morning

looking good this morning

So if you can hit the water before the wind gets into it. talking of hitting the water, we snuck a little surf in this week.

Below is a picture of Rob,flinging his Naish 10.6 around at Ngaranui. Funky surf though, we were a bit late the tide got into it and the wind came up. But hey we still got wet and caught a couple.

Rob , Ngaranui Tuesday

Rob , Ngaranui Tuesday

St Peters College is here

St Peters College

St Peters College

Wow you just wouldn’t believe how many times we had to cancel the paddle board lesson for the students at St Peters. Amazingly we all got together this morning at Kopua Domain . It was a  grey morning turning in to a rainy start as I was setting the gear out at 7.30. Just a light breeze and a high tide so two out of three isn’t too bad. Any way the rain stopped and the school turned up. So it was into it. They were a great group with exellent  cognitive skills.

Look forward to seeing them back again and few more new faces from St Peters College, great bunch of young people. If this is the real next generation then bring it on, we are looking good for the future.

See you guys on the water again  this season leanne and her  St Peters gang.


Not Today


Its another wild day today, not good for addling that is for sure. High tide this afternoon is at 1.40pm.

Again a down wind is on the cards this afternoon. For the expienced only I must add.

Windier now


The wind really has kicked in this afternoon with a solid 15-20 knots of southwest wind. Just waiting for the tide to drop a bit more and then its down wind time.

plenty of white caps

plenty of white caps

Too windy today


Morning, unfortunately it is too windy today to go paddling. The sun is out but for how long with the squalls queuing up to come in off the Tasman Sea. Stronger winds this afternoon, with the possibility of a down wind paddle for more advanced paddlers. High tide is 1.20 this afternoon.

We managed to get out


The wind filled in earlier than expected and had touch too much west in it for The Sheds backyard, so headed to Kopua Domain. High tide and a shining sun, kicked the start of the season off nicely.

Below are a couple of pics of todays lesson, enjoying their school holidays. Lucky for me I had my trusty helper

Daniel at my side for the first one of the year.

Lisette,Zolly,and Patsy

Lisette,Zolly,and Patsy

Lisette, Zolly,and Patsy

Lisette, Patsy,Daniel,and Zolly



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