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On the Beach

 Cambell Farrell living the good life


Campbell Farrell  interview May 2011.

TPBS. Where do you live  ?

CF. I live in the town of Paia on the Island of Maui, Hawaii

Cambell sampling the fruits of his labour

TPBS. What is the surf like for Stand Up ?

CF. The surf here is good for stand up… lots of outer reef breaks although often plagued with trade winds.

TPBS. Favourite home break ?

CF. Noriega’s it’s the outer reef in front of my house very easy to get to and often uncrowded… good up to about 10 feet.

TPBS. Do you flat water paddle at home and if so where ?

Gulp, large and windy. Cambell firing.

CF. No… I am not much of a flat water paddler. We are spoiled here on Maui with possibly the best most consistent down wind conditions in the world. If its glassy I prefer to go fishing or ride my dirt bike.

TPBS .What about down wind paddling, or open ocean is that an option ?

CF. In the open ocean I have SUP’d Maui to Molokai for training and racing & Molokai to Oahu 3 times racing. We have a regular down wind run on Maui that I have paddled at least 200 times over the last 6 years.

TPBS. Many guys Stand Up paddling ?
CF. There are so many people SUPing now it is just mind blowing. All most any time of the day I look out to the ocean now and can spot a SUP paddler surfing or doing a coast run.

TPBS.Who are your sponsors ?

CF. I have just created a deal with Starboard International as a lifestyle type SUP rider.

I have been riding Starboards for just over a year now. Jeremy Stevenson and I brought Starboard SUPs to NZ. At the end of the day we have been sponsoring our selves.

Hyundai NZ have always been really great supporters of my adventures and plus the guys at Dirty Dog are giving me some sunglasses.

I really have not been seeking sponsorship. Its more partnership related through business we work together helping each other where and when we can.

TPBS. What boards do ride ?


TPBS. Do  you do any other form of surfing ?

CF. Yes… I Windsurf, Kite surf, Tow surf, Foil Board, paddle surf short boards & longboards

Cambell with total faith is his equipment

TPBS. How long have you been paddle boarding ?

CF. I have been Standup paddling since 2004..

TPBS. How did you get into it ?
CF. I was very quick to get on board with SUP. Laird loaned me his boards then got some shaped for me in 2005.

TPBS. Do you compete in Stand Up  ?

CF. I have done a lot of races mostly down winders I have never competed in a SUP surf comp…. in fact I have never competed surfing ever.

TPBS. Do you have any competitive goals ?

CF. To be honest not really… I wanted to win the Molokai to Oahu Team SUP… it took me 3 years to achieve that goal finally in 2008. I was very happy with the result but there is all ways a cost for dedicating ones self to such an ego driven goal. I saw that it cost a lot of money, commitment and time not spent with my family. I saw that I need to focus more on providing for them. I then set out to get more business going in my life than competitive results. Starboard NZ is a result of that.

Down wind fun

TPBS. What sort of music do you like ?

CF. I really like Metallica… recently James Hetfield has become a good friend of mine. He as a person… Father, Musician, Warrior… inspires me. From getting to know him and now going back and listening to his lyrics the music is so much more empowering than ever before.

TPBS. What is your favourite food ?

CF. NZ foods and flavors are the best. I love roast lamb or pork with good crispy crackling. Snapper or fresh white bait fritters with salt and lemon…. baby green lipped mussels cooked in white wine garlic. Nice big fresh salads…

I like most foods… I’m a good but slow eater.

TPBS. Favourite surfers ?

CF. My friends and the ones having the most fun… wearing big smiles.

Cambell offshore and loving it

TPBS. Favourite surf break ?

CF. A clean empty one with just my friends out!

Peahi has definitely taught me the most and provided huge experiences unlike any other.

TPBS. Where would you like to go on a paddling adventure ?

CF. Any where in the Pacific….at the moment I don’t want to travel  too far. This year I am planning 2-3 weeks in Tahiti with my family.

TPBS.Why  there ?

CF. Because of the  friends I have there…. beautiful lagoons and the perfect waves.

TPBS. When  will you be back in NZ next ?

CF. I will be in NZ for a month in July/August… mostly in Queenstown skiing and snowboarding.

TPBS. Any plans of surf adventures in NZ ?

CF. I am planning a trip with Laird… He has been wanting to come to NZ for a while.

I can’t really share much more. It’s better to just go and  do than talk too much!


 Mark Jackson  interviewJanuary 2011.


 TPBS.Where do you live  ?

TPBS.What is the surf like for Stand Up ?

Killer for cruising and racing.

Mark at his favourite NZ break

TPBS.Favourite home break ?

O’Neils Reef: See attached pics:

 TPBS. Do you flat water paddle at home and if so where ?

Yeah! Takapuna to Bayswater Marina or vice versa.

You can see why its a favourite

 TPBS.What about down wind paddling, or open ocean is that an option ?

Caught  a wicked day down wind paddling Auckland Harbour from Bayswater Marina to Taka, wind gusted to over 40knotts. Wicked fast trip to Nth Head.

Have done heaps of Open Ocean in Hawaii were I lived for several years. Won the Maui to Molokai Starbucks Challenge & a few others in the MCKC races. (Maui Canoe & Kayak Club)

TPBS. Many guys Stand Up paddling ?

No. Only me and about 50 to 100  thousand other SUPplimentary Paddlers.

Add the Chicks into the equation and we could be looking at half a mill.

Won’t reach a million till after Easter.

 TPBS. Who are your sponsors ?


  TPBS. What boards do ride ?

SIC F18 http://www.sicmaui.com/

Jimmy Lewis  Bomborra, Hanalei, Mano  Kwad & Blade. http://www.jimmylewis.com/

Mark and Mr raaphorst caught speeding

TPBS. Do  you do any other form of surfing ?

I ride a Jimmy Lewis Fish when I’m trying to pretend I’m still a real surfer. The board is wicked for old farts like me.

TPBS. How long have you been paddle boarding ?

About a decade I guess ? Ask G.A. (Graham Allen)  www.supersession.co.nz he shaped my first board ( Still one of the BEST ever / guys a genius ) and he has a working memory for dates. I suck at details like that.

TPBS. How did you get into it ?

I was Long boarding at Kanaha Beach Park Maui where I saw Dave Kalama blitz a overhead high set from the outside reef thru middles to the inside on a SUP. I asked him what dimensions his board was and called Graham the next day to have him shape one asap and ship it to Maui. I was Sup surf that board 3 weeks later. How cool is that for custom service ?

TPBS. How are you going on the circuit this year  ?

I have twice won the Omaha Board Riders SUP Surf event this year and last year. Done Ok in the Hyundai SUP Surf contests over 2 years but never placed. Won my age group twice in the STATE Beach Series Races at Takapuna this year and last and finished the Mt Maunganui Long distance Torture Race from Hell without chundering !

TPBS. What are your goals or aim for this years tour.

Focus on waves and encourage others to get into SUP surfing. Help create a separate SUP wave event that stands alone “no pun intended” Continue with my own tour! I’m working with disabled kids from the Wilson Home Trust and the Lion Foundation. We’ve done several “Paddle Play Days” and had fantastic SUPport from our great North Shore Takapuna Community. See: www.channelmag.co.nz for an article I wrote about this.

Mark at another of his other favourite spots

 TPBS. You have competed against DK who was riding an 8.0 long board, is that a direction for you in Stand Up ?

NO. Not at all. Even if I was a wicked SUP surfer like DK. I think the short board SUP’s aren’t SUP’s at all, just hot dog fat surfboards ridden with paddles. The whole SUP trip is lost in translation when contests include such small boards. Yeah it looks cool…just like short surfboards, and that’s the problem… they are just that…short boards  SUP’s or SUPplimentary surfboards ??? Competition Long boards are 9’. With SUP boards in the 8’ and less category why the fuck bother with a paddle. Sadly the scenes been set so I guess we bedah get used to the next generation of SUP’s that’ll be in the 6’ to 7’ range followed by 4’ boards that are also 4’ wide. We can call em SUB’s Stand Up Boogie boards. If competition Stand Up Paddle Surfing rules had a penalty or point deductions for contestants who drop to their knees and paddled to avoid getting wasted on the way back out thru breaking surf the results might be quite different. After all it is STAND UP paddle surfing Right ?

TPBS. What sort of music do you like ?

There’s only 3 kinds of music I don’t like. Opera: Country: and Western.

I credit my son Kenzie ( then about 1 year old) for my 1st Place in the Sorrento’s Season Opener, first ever SUP long distant race I entered. It was his music that set my rhythm for that  1 mile plus race. Never thought “Wheels On the Bus” could be so inspiring and create such focus. Thnx Kenz.

 TPBS.What is your favorite food ?

Meat !  I’m married to a Veggie Head.

 TPBS.Favourite surfers ?

Wayne Parks, D.K., Lyndon Kennings, Paige Hareb  Gotta keep it KIWI.

 TPBS.Favourite surf break ?

Ahipara !  aka: Shippies In NZ and Hookipa in Maui.

 TPBS. Where would you like to go on a paddling adventure ?

Long Island Bahamas to Rum Cay.

 TPBS. Why ?

My wife’s family are from Cartwright’s Landing Long Island Bahamas. The Rum is sweet, the Conch is hot the water is crystal clear and Rum Cay is about 30km away. Nice 5hr – 6hr paddle on a race board depending on conditions and sobriety. Also Rum Cay is one of Kelly Slater’s secret spots.

The Jimmy Lewis crew.


Daniel Keropa continues to stamp his mark Stand Up in NZ
Tuesday 11th February

The Paddle Board Shed caught up with Daniel Kereopa on his return from the Hyundai Long Board Tour third comp of the series at sandy bay.  Sandy Bay was ASP rated for the first time  and drew a fair amount of competitors from Australia and other parts of the professional Stand Up world. DK has had an epic season so far and is looking at almost a clean sweep of  the five comps for the 2011 season.

TPBS.  Three  competitions, over half way through the tour Daniel, and  you have   two wins, and a second  ( DK was second to Ozzie #2 rated  Beau Nixon at Sandy Bay)  how and why ?

 DK . I’m a competitor and like to win. In saying that, stand  up paddling  makes me happy, whether I’m competing or just paddling around.

 TPBS. What’s the story with you riding  8.0 foot Stand Up ?

  DK.  It is what it is.  It’s just a high performance paddle board for surfing on, with a high performance surfer making a great combo.

TPBS.  So not for every  one ?

DK.    No it’s not for everyone.  It just suits me and young kids ( laughing).

TPBS. How small can they go ?

    DK. I’ve seen some really small ones . You find something you can ride and have lots of fun on. Whether its 7 -12 feet.

TPBS. What sort of paddle do you use with short stand up boards  ?

DK. I’m fortunate enough to have a variety of paddles of different lengths. On short sups I use a short length shaft paddle. So I can get the blade into the water faster. Be more efficient with my paddle.

TPBS.  What about blade size ?

DK.  Around 7 to 8 inches.  Quite small, but I’m not big so would be silly to have a humungous blade, and I would get tired early.

TPBS. Do you have different paddles for the surf and or flat water ?

DK. I guess I have been experimenting with paddles and which blade sizes and length shafts are best for me.  I’m always trying to find the best combo.

TPBS.  Have you tried river paddling ?

DK. Yes, I have once with a friend of mine Army Armstrong who is a paddler but also has many years as a white water kayaker. He took me out of the saltwater and put me into rapids and standing waves. That opened my eyes to the different kind of boards you could ride on a river. My epoxy surfing stand ups  were no match for his inflatable board on the river.

TPBS. You are a keen downwind paddler why and is it good cross training for stand up  surfing ?

DK.  Yes it is a great cross trainer, but also a lot of the long distance races are all downwind in a Hawaii. I have been doing downwind paddles with Waka  Ama so it was a natural progression to stand up down winders. There is a special feeling about standing up and surfing without an actual wave but wind swell combo of bumps and chop that you link together. It’s just fun I don’t know why, it just makes me laugh. Anything that   encourages that sort of fun then I’m keen as.

TPBS. Your are  renown as a big wave surfer, are you interested in big wave Stand Up ?

DK. Sure I am.  The time has to be right and there is a place for every type of equipment. There are places that are better to practice stand up big wave surfing and there a places better for tow  in and paddle in big wave riding.

TPBS. What would Papatowai be like on a Stand Up ?

DK. Would be super fun to stand up. But it all ways has a cross wind, so you can get yourself into a bad position if you made the wrong choice. I think every surfer wants to test themselves on all sorts of equipment. I want to test myself on big waves and stand up. Some guys are getting big barrels in Tahiti. It’s possible so ….

TPBS.  More difficult than surfing ? 

DK. Way more difficult that surfing but you do have the advantage of getting in earlier and you can see the sets coming. But if you get caught inside on asset there is nowhere to hide. You will get dragged a lot further than on a surfboard.

TPBS.  What do you think of the angst in the water caused by paddle boarders ?

DK. It’s a shame that there are people in the community of surfing in general that don’t give each other the respect for the individual going surfing. I noticed it most when I started riding my Alia board. It’s the slowest paddling piece of equipment out there. But every time  you can guarantee that I will get dropped in on and snaked and given no space to catch my own waves. Just because I’m not on a surfboard like theirs. But when they see me riding the board it brings so much joy to them when they can actually see someone ride a  board like that.  But they still don’t want me to catch waves on it. So in reality I could be the one with angst. But I don’t, I’m just wanting to have fun really.

TPBS.  Any thoughts or  plans for a bit of long distance paddling ? Like  say island hopping adventure in the warmer northern New Zealand  waters ?

DK. There are lots  of places I would love to do some long distance paddling and document it.  But hey there are only so many hours in a day, and days in a week and I have to eat so there has to be some work done.  I still dream of adventures so long as I’m doing that  there is hope for more.

TPBS. Favourite spot to paddle board ?

 DK.  Definitely Manu bay. I get a chance to demo skill as a stand up paddle boarder  and try and encourage etiquette in the line up from all surfers. But mostly I love stand up  with some else and it can be anywhere.

TPBS. Where would you like to go on a stand up paddle board trip ?

DK.  Somewhere there are some barrels. I haven’t had much barrel time for sup. Somewhere  warm and tropical. As long as there are friends around and good vibes I could be anywhere.

TPBS.  You have just competed at the 3rd event at Sandy Bay an ASP event that attracted a few Australians, what was their standard like ?

DK. Really  good. They are really good.  Like any sport it’s always good to be around the best competitors. They ride the best equipment and it’s  good to see what they are riding and its healthy competition. It still sucks loosing but there is always room for improvement. That’s my goal to constantly improve and see how far I can push myself.

TPBS. Is it short board style or long board  style ? 

DK. From what I saw it was a progressive style of sup. Sharp clean turns and definitely what ‘Im  into . It’s definitely what the judges are looking for. It’s definitely hard to negotiate a bigger board and paddle. Hopefully the crowd appreciates the hard work all the guys put into it.

TPBS. What are their  boards like ?

DK. Beau Nixon was riding a small EPS fiberglass board super light and to me that was the difference in smaller waves. But he is a good surfer to. I really enjoyed watching him surf and seeing where he can put his paddle board in regards to where I can put mine. So long as we are learning it can only grow and we as surfers can only get better at it.

TPBS. What is the judging criteria in NZ for SUP ?

DK. It’s the standard short board surfing criteria with progressive moves closest to the breaking wave. Catching set waves and using your paddle. It’s about 70 %progressive and 30% use of the blade. Without both you can’t get a ten.

TPBS. What about competing overseas ?

DK.  I haven’t thought that far yet. It’s definitely as stand up  grows and there could be events closer to home.  It’s too costly to travel overseas too far. It’s the National  Hyundai series where I will be based for the next few months.

TPBS. There is a Stand Up world tour any  thoughts ?

DK. It’s absolutely amazing.  I haven’t followed it yet but I have seen some amazing photos. Guys putting themselves into some huge barrels.  There is a market out there for guys to go and surf some awesome waves or just go for a paddle with the wife and kids.

TPBS.Last question, what up to this afternoon ?

DK. A quick surf on my alia.  I had a big weekend at Sandy Bay and, are really sore.  So it’s a massage at 4 for me this arvo.  Got to  maintain that body.

The Sean Hovell tapes
 January 2011.

 TPBS. Where do you live?

 SH. Kiaora Keith, I live in Gisborne (Tairawhiti), east coast of the north island.  I am from Te Araroa, Ngati Porou Iwi, Samoan and European links on my fathers side, And European from my mother.

TPBS. What is the surf like for Stand Up?

SH. The surf is great here in general; we have all kinds of breaks and waves from small pipe which is perfect for beginners to big pumping Pipe, Wainui, and Makarori, all beachies, to the points and reefs, of the island, plus from half to an hours drive north or south we have amazing waves that pump while gissy is onshore.  SUP’s have also opened the door to a few other spots that are rarely to never surfed breaks like the bombies we’ve surfed a few times out Tuhine point, as well as a few other secret spots.  So definitely waves to keep you interested no matter what level your surfing.

TPBS. Favourite home break?

SH. Tuamotu island and gissy pipe are definitely my most surfed and favorite waves, sup or short board.  The bowl at the island is a fast barreling left which is perfect for stand up as it’s a reef You can paddle around the break to get out the back so no waves on the head and getting knocked off your board.

TPBS. Do you flat water paddle at home and if so where? 

 SH. I have done a little flat water paddling especially when I was training for the Molokai to Oahu race. On the three rivers we have in out city center, and also in the ocean in the bay. Also good on flat days is paddling around a point or over to the island and diving from a bigger board you get something to do, exercise and a feed!

TPBS. What about down wind paddling, or open ocean is that an option in Gisborne?

SH. Gisborne is the perfect environment for down winders, to start with all summer long our sea breeze is a northeast wind which comes up around 20knots 80% of days around lunch time, and this wind gives you a straight tail wind from the tip of east cape all the way back home, You just drive up the coast the distance of your choice up to 200ks, and ride the wind chop home? the longest I have done is a 55km down wind from Tolaga to Gisborne.  The same thing on the southerlies from Mahia which is a bit shorter, then we have numerous short runs on every wind 5-10kms runs just around town and Wainui beaches.

TPBS. Many guys Stand Up paddling? 

SH. Stand up is growing in Gissy there are about 20 people at the moment, a big range in age from 13 to 65.  Some solely flat water paddle as an alternative to their waka ama (out rigger canoe) training.  Most of the guys that come from a surf back ground use it as a cross training and stand up surf as well as paddle for fitness and a way of keeping on the water for flat day fun.  

TPBS. Who are your sponsors?  

SH. I am sponsored by Starboard Stand Up paddled boards, big thanks to Jeremy and Vic in Auckland.  And also Kia Ora Aotearoa Ltd, Ocean Lifestyles, Cheers Pete.  Also I need to mention, although not a sponsor, the hospitality of my new Hawaiian friends Aaron Napoleon and his wonderful Ohana on Oahu, and Jay and Jenette, and Kumu on the big island.  They showed me the Aloha in a big way last year when I went to Hawaii to paddle the Molokai. So, much appreciated, from accommodation, meals, boat rides, escort boats, to the fun surfs, beers, and cultural experiences.

TPBS. What boards do ride? 

SH. At the moment I ride a Starboard, Super fish I was lucky enough to have given to me by Jeremy a year ago, its 9’8”x28.5”. It’s what I have learnt on and surfed right through all the tour events.  I have ridden a lot of the starboard range and am just in the process of choosing a second board.

TPBS. Do you do any other form of surfing? 

SH. I will do any form of surfing; I just love anything to do with the ocean, now I short board, stand up paddle surf and a little bit of long boarding.  But in the past I 1st body boarded and when I was right into my surf lifesaving I spent a lot of time surfing the clubby mals too that’s also a lot of fun.

TPBS. How long have you been paddle boarding?

SH. I have been Stand Up Paddle boarding since October 2009 so 15months. It’s a good new challenge and such good fun on small days when I wouldn’t normally surf. I have also dived from them and been down rapids so plenty to keep you amp for years to come.

TPBS. How did you get into it?

SH.  A good mate of mine Peter Boyd has spent a lot of time in Hawaii, he got the bug, got a couple of boards and had been surfing them for about a year by the time I jumped on for a go as soon as I saw them I thought that’s a bit of me. After my 1st go I could surf it well but could hardly even paddle I had to catch waves lying down, so that was enough of a challenge to get me hungry and wanting to master it!  

TPBS.How are you going on the circuit this year  ?

SH. Going well on the circuit this year I think I’m sitting 2nd after two comps with a 4th at Piha and 2nd at nationals.

TPBS. What are your goals or aim for this years tour?

SH. My main goal was to win the national title I got so close with the next best thing. After nats I wasn’t too disappointed as I’m up there. So my reassessed aims for the remainder of the season is to win an event and place in the top 3 in the over all ratings.

TPBS.You have competed against DK who was riding an 8.0 long board, is that a direction for you in Stand Up ?

SH. I have competed against dk on his 8’0”, he’s got a 3-2 win rate over me so it’s not too bad, It shows what us other guys are riding are competing with his board and his obvious talent, I am looking at dropping in board size for my next board but it wont be anywhere near what dk is riding as I’m a bigger guy around 95-100kg it is physically impossible for a board that size to float me. I feel we gota look at it like it is what it is, we are up there with him, all it is, is a disadvantage mentally to think his board is better than anyone else’s, if you believe you can win you will win. Daniel is a very talented athlete, he is  so good for the sport of stand up paddle boarding I feel privileged to surf against him he is making all us guys surf better.

TPBS. What sort of music do you like? 

SH. Anything really, bit of reggae – old school punk

TPBS.What is your favorite food ?

SH. At the moment and when I’m training I’m in to raw fish, kai moana and spicy rice

TPBS. Favourite surfers?

SH.  Kelly Slater hands down the best. And bobby is good to watch and surf with at home.

TPBS. Favourite surf break?

SH. The Bowl, easiest funest barrel in town and come out and it stands up steep for 4or5 whacks

TPBS. Where would you like to go on a paddling adventure?

SH. Got a few places round home I want to explore, I want to jump in way up the top of the Waipaoa river and paddle home, also I’ve paddled a couple of small rapids in the waioeka gorge I definitely want to get back there more prepared. And explore for waves between mahia and gizzy, and same up east coast get to those remote places that are inaccessible by land.  Also I have been wanting to fish off my sup, just go out in the bird work ups and catch some kahawai.


SH.  The rivers I just want to see things I haven’t seen before, the gorge I know the rapids will be a new dimension and challenge.  And I’m constantly searching for new unsurfed / uncrowded waves and I have been south a few time in the past on my dads boat in earlier years and recently on my ski and liked what I have found!

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Riley styling

Many thanks for taking us out, 
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Thanks for the fantastic afternoon yesterday.
Hinekaye and I really enjoyed our time on the water.
She is still buzzing about standing on the board.
All the other kids are jealous they missed out on a great afternoon. ” Michelle.

Thanks again for such an 
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" Ashleigh.

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