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Friday not good


It is not a good day to go paddling today. The weather is improving, snuck a couple of paddles in this week.

Great for an evening paddle

Great for an evening paddle

We have rain and sun mixed together this morning. High tide is at 11.15 this morning. Forecast for the weekend isnt looking the best either. Which is a bit of a bummer as the tides are very convenient, with high tomorrow at midday and on Sunday at 12.40. So keep an eye on the weather you never know, maybe Sunday it will improve.

Much better day


It is looking much better this morning with a light southwest wind forecast to swing more to the south as the day goes on. High tide is this morning at 10.45 this morning. Just waiting for the tide to fill in a little more and we will be out there.

Sunday morning

Sunday morning


Friday already


Friday already, dont the weeks just fly by. High tide is this morning at 9.35 am.
Light winds now but fresher southwest winds this afternoon. Windy tomorrow, but looking better with lighter winds on Sunday. We wont be around on Saturday, but on Sunday we are in full swing at The Shed . The high tide is at 10.45 on Sunday. Just perfect if you are keen for a paddle.

Another day off


Off work that is and another day to go paddling. A very light northerly first thing that will probably freshen as the day goes on as they say. The tide is dropping heading to the only  low tide today at 11.35am. High is late this afternoon at 6.20pm. Early evening really, all good though just have to be patient if you want to paddle on the higher tide today. Should be able to be on the water by 3 to 3.30 just depends what the wind does.

Yesterday was a busy day and a great day to go paddling. Kicked off the morning with Marsha and kids getting a glassey low tide paddle in.  i must add here that yes you can paddle on low tide, just is very wind dependent and is really only do able with now wind. Reason being is that the water you are paddling on is just so exposed to the wind at low tide.

Hamish and his crew

Hamish and his crew

Yesterday we caught up with Hamish and his family who have become friends of ours through paddle boarding. Great to see these guys get an excellent session in to kick off their paddle board summer season. Also another group of friends come along a bit earlier in the day who hadn’t had a go before and as you can see by the pic below, a good time was had.

Shannon and the lads

Shannon and the lads

Looking good


Another great day for the long weekend. High tide this afternoon at 5.00pm. A freshening southwesterly this morning that is forecast to ease and become light this afternoon. Keep those fingers crossed, it was great day yesterday . We enjoyed a rather pleasant paddle down to Lorenzen Bay with Tony, Sue and Zowie.

We are fully booked this afternoon, but do have spots available tomorrow.

Waves on the beach today if you are wanting to practice your paddle board surfing. Make sure you head down the beach somewhere away from every one else if you are learning and at the beginner stage.

Marsha and family

Marsha and family



Beautiful day in raglan this morning, we are just starting to see the forecast south to southwest breeze developing.

High tide this afternoon just before 4.00pm.

Sunset from THE SHED

Sunset from THE SHED


Sunny and windy


Sunny and windy pretty much describes the last couple of days. It is spring and that is what we expect isn’t it ? Great it isn’t raining though, was getting very sick of that weather. So a long weekend coming up and the forecast is the standard longer range forecast from the met office saying cloudy and sunny. The wind is looking like a southwesterly tending more southerly and easing. Not looking too bad. Will up as we get closer.

High tide today was at 12.20pm.

Long Weekend Tides
Saturday 22nd Ht:3.50pm
Sunday    23rd  Ht:5.00pm
Monday   24th Ht:6.20pm

We are fully booked on Sunday, but have room for more paddlers on Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon.
Just email me on keith@thepaddleboardshed.co.nz to make a booking.

Good Morning


It is a good morning as well. What a change to yesterday. High tide is at 8.25 this morning. High again at 9.00 this evening. Nice a calm first thing with a glassey harbour stretching out in front of The Shed. But we are expecting the southwest wind to freshen this morning .

looking good this morning

looking good this morning

So if you can hit the water before the wind gets into it. talking of hitting the water, we snuck a little surf in this week.

Below is a picture of Rob,flinging his Naish 10.6 around at Ngaranui. Funky surf though, we were a bit late the tide got into it and the wind came up. But hey we still got wet and caught a couple.

Rob , Ngaranui Tuesday

Rob , Ngaranui Tuesday

St Peters College is here

St Peters College

St Peters College

Wow you just wouldn’t believe how many times we had to cancel the paddle board lesson for the students at St Peters. Amazingly we all got together this morning at Kopua Domain . It was a  grey morning turning in to a rainy start as I was setting the gear out at 7.30. Just a light breeze and a high tide so two out of three isn’t too bad. Any way the rain stopped and the school turned up. So it was into it. They were a great group with exellent  cognitive skills.

Look forward to seeing them back again and few more new faces from St Peters College, great bunch of young people. If this is the real next generation then bring it on, we are looking good for the future.

See you guys on the water again  this season leanne and her  St Peters gang.


Not Today


Its another wild day today, not good for addling that is for sure. High tide this afternoon is at 1.40pm.

Again a down wind is on the cards this afternoon. For the expienced only I must add.

Windier now


The wind really has kicked in this afternoon with a solid 15-20 knots of southwest wind. Just waiting for the tide to drop a bit more and then its down wind time.

plenty of white caps

plenty of white caps

Too windy today


Morning, unfortunately it is too windy today to go paddling. The sun is out but for how long with the squalls queuing up to come in off the Tasman Sea. Stronger winds this afternoon, with the possibility of a down wind paddle for more advanced paddlers. High tide is 1.20 this afternoon.

We managed to get out


The wind filled in earlier than expected and had touch too much west in it for The Sheds backyard, so headed to Kopua Domain. High tide and a shining sun, kicked the start of the season off nicely.

Below are a couple of pics of todays lesson, enjoying their school holidays. Lucky for me I had my trusty helper

Daniel at my side for the first one of the year.

Lisette,Zolly,and Patsy

Lisette,Zolly,and Patsy

Lisette, Zolly,and Patsy

Lisette, Patsy,Daniel,and Zolly



The sun is coming out


Cant believe it after the start to the morning, the sun is trying desperately to come out. The tide is high this morning 11.45 am. No wind at the moment so get out there as soon as you can. Freshening northwest winds this afternoon.

Not looking too bad at all

Not looking too bad at all

The weekend (finally)


Yes its another grey day with high tide this morning at 11.10am. The forecast is for showers today. So as you can see not a lot of change from yesterday. Below is the beach with a little wave.

Ngaranui Beach yesterday

Ngaranui Beach yesterday

Again today it is looking like freshening northeast wind stronger in the afternoon.

Pirates out early

Pirates out early

Another grey day


Morning, its groundhog day with another day of northeast winds and grey skies. High tide is 10.45 this morning and again you will need to look for somewhere out of the wind.

Small waves again on the beach and another opportunity to try paddle boarding in the surf.



Its a grey start to the day today with a northeasterly of a round 4-5knots. We are expecting a freshening wind again today. High tide is at 10.00am this morning. There are places to paddle on the high tide where you can escape the wind.  You still need a wetsuit if you are going to get in the water.

Grey Day

Grey Day

The open coast continues to have a small lingering swell and if you were thinking of trying paddle boarding in the surf, the conditions are good. Just find somewhere away from everyone else so you are not a danger to the people in the water.

small wave last summer

small wave last summer

Tides for school holidays


The tides are great this week with high tides in the morning.
Tomorrows high tide will be at around 10am. Friday around 11.00am
Next week we will have early afternoon to mid afternoon high tides.
So again couldn’t be better as long as the winds stay light.

Cruising past the wharf

Cruising past the wharf

Holiday fun


Just had a great paddle with the grand kids. Made me think how cool paddle boarding is in the way age doesnt matter. Tides dropping now and we are heading to a low at 3.10 this afternoon. High wont be until 9.45 this evening.

Great Morning


Great morning for paddling with high tide at 9.15am this morning. Light northeast first thing with freshening winds again today. Go this morning if you can.

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New to paddle boarding,have a heap of questions. Maybe you have been paddle boarding and are looking at a new board. Not sure what to get. Well we can help. Just flick through your query and we will endevor to answer and help you with your question.

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 Learn to Stand Up Paddle

Situated  on the beautiful Whaingaroa Harbor  an enviable location,  that provides consistent conditions for surf and flat water instruction.  Allowing our school to cater for beginners in a safe environment,  through to paddlers who want to go to another level level and get out in the waves. There is access to the world  famous left hand points breaks and the consistent West Coast beaches along with calm inner harbour conditions.

The main thrust of the school will be towards Stand Up paddling, with group, and one on one lessons available along with board hire age.   We have spent the last few years promoting the sport of Stand Up paddling and have become well known in the region as the  people to come to, to find out  anything to do with stand Up paddling.

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We have been busy at the International Surfing Association, paddle board instructor school and have obtained the highest qualifications available in NZ for paddle boarding approved by Surfing NZ.


We also updated our First Aid and Life Saver certificates while the water was a bit cooler. All aimed at you guys getting a great safe experience.

70 minute paddle lesson    $65
Guaranteed to get you paddling unaided
from 10 yrs to 80 yrs and older .

Group beginners 70 minute  $45 pp

minimum of three paddlers.

Board Hire

The paddle board shed has a range of Paddle boards to choose from as little as $20 for half an hour.

One hour  Board/paddle/leash   $25

Half day Board/paddle/leash  $55

Full Day Board/paddle/leash  $80

Longer times available on request.

Life jackets are provided

Denise Twentyman  commented          “My grandson was very tentative to start with and you had his and him eating out your hand within minutes! I thought my older age and low fitness level, might struggle to last ten minutes but quite the contrary. With your supportand guidence the time was over before I noticed. Thank you.”

Riley styling

Riley styling

Many thanks for taking us out, 
we loved it, and if we are 
back again next year we 
will be sure to have 
another go!" Sally.
Thanks for the fantastic afternoon yesterday.
Hinekaye and I really enjoyed our time on the water.
She is still buzzing about standing on the board.
All the other kids are jealous they missed out on a great afternoon. ” Michelle.

Thanks again for such an 
incredible afternoon 
out on the water. Mat 
and I really enjoyed 
the experience and are 
looking forward 
to giving it another go. 
" Ashleigh.

"Ben said you were a 
good caring teacher 
who focuses on the 
thanks again"




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