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A better day


Much better day for paddling today. High tide in 20 mins at 1045 this morning. Lightish north to northeast swinging more northerly then northwest. So now is best. See you on the water.

Not a day to paddle


Morning, its not cold but it isnt that pleasant for paddling.

Today Saturday,  the sun rose in Raglan at 6:15 am to a murky wet day. The  sunset will be at 6:13 pm.  The high tide will be at 10:15 this morning. Then dropping to a low at around a quarter to four.

Forecast is wind and rain and with the amount of seagulls floating on the harbour out front I would say the weather people have got it right. a good day to look for a new board for this coming summer and all the good paddling weather we will have.



Glorious morning this morning with the sun shining and a blue sky. Had a great paddle yesterday down to the Kopua Domain and back. The only slight problem today is a dropping tide and low will be at 10.40am and wont be back in until 5.20pm. So we should be able to get on the water by about 3pm.





Weekend High Tides


Hi below are the weekend high tides for September and October.

Sat 10th Ht 4.20pm    Sun 11th Ht 5.20
Sat 17th Ht 10.30am    Sun 18th 11.20am
Sat 24th  Ht 4.30pm    Sun 25th 6.20    (daylight savings starts)

Sat 1st      Ht 11.20am         Sun 2nd   Ht 12.05pm
Sat 8th     Ht 3.25pm          Sun 9th    Ht 4.30pm
Sat 15th    Ht 10.00am       Sun 16th   Ht 10.50am
Sat 22nd   Ht 4.20pm        Sun 23rd   Ht 5.15pm
Sat 29th    Ht 10.20am       Sun 30th   Ht 11.00

Friday morning

Friday morning


Another season begins


Hey every one how was your winter ? We have been real busy over winter getting ready for another big spring and summer n the beautiful Whaiangaroa Harbour.  So what have we been up to.

We have been busy at the International Surfing Association, paddle board instructor school and have obtained the highest qualifications available in NZ for paddle boarding.  We also updated our First Aid and Life Saver certificates while the water was a bit cooler. All aimed at you guys getting a great safe experience.

We have a promo running on Treat Me  that will get into paddle boarding painlessly.

Winter visitor

Winter visitor



Great tide time with high this morning at 10.10. Problem is the wind is already up with the odd white cap. Its more the angle this morning than the strength with too much westerly in it.

We have been busy this summer with the lure of paddle boarding still strong amongst those who haven’t done it.

Below are a few pics taken over the last few weeks.

Ayla and Mitch



Hamish and his crew

Louise and her crew

Louise and her crew


Isabelle on a glassey morning


mini paddlers


Kate G and her crew

High tides for January and February


Hi Guys,  we thought we would throw a few tides out there so if you were thinking of joining us on th water in raglan you would have an idea of what times are available. as a lot of you will know we have to operate around the high tide on Whaiangaroa Harbour.  Basically  two to two and half hours before the high on the incoming tide and an hour to an hour and half on the out going so what we call the other side of the tide.


Saturday 16th  Ht 3.50pm  ,Sunday 17th Ht 4.50pm, Thursday 21st Ht 9.00am

Saturday 23rd Ht 10.40am, Sunday 24th, Ht 11.20am, Tuesday 26th, 12.40pm, Thursday 28th Ht 1.50pm,

Saturday 30th 3.00pm, Sunday 31st Ht 3.40pm.


Saturday 6th Ht 9.30am, Sunday 7th Ht 10.20am ,Wednesday10th Ht12.15pm, Saturday 13th Ht 2.30pm,

Sunday 14th Ht3.20pm, Tuesday 16th Ht5.30pm, Saturday 20th Ht9.30am, Sunday 21st Ht 10.10am.

Wednesdsay 24th Ht 12.15pm, Saturday 27th Ht1.50pm, Sunday 28th Ht2.30

Hamish and family Pururi Bay

Hamish and family Pururi Bay

The Sweetwater has arrived


My new Bote  Low Rider has arrived and I just cant wait to get on the water. Would you believe it this morning its raining and windy. The wrong wind to boot. Oh well, reminds of when I was a kid and you get a new surfboard and there is no surf for weeks.

Like a kid with a new toy

Like a kid with a new toy

Today is not a good day for paddling besides being windy with westerly of 15-20kph, it is raining.

The tide is high at 12.35 this afternoon. I have a funny feeling Im not going to be able stay off the harbour.

We have been paddling


Yes, we snuck in a couple of paddles recently. Last Saturday was great day and we were joined by repeat visitors to the shed, Peter and his daughter Naomi. Plus four other like minded souls. high tide and a sunny day provide great conditions.

Keri and Sarah straight in to it

Keri and Sarah straight in to it

Maartin and scot

Maartin and Scott also totally at home on the water

The Shed went to Auckland


We shot up to Auckland for the weekend and scored waves and cool as city paddling. Amazed more arent paddling on the glorious harbour they have up there. Managed to sneak a small wave in at Orewa as well.

Testing the new Barong tourer

Testing the new Barong tourer

girls at pt chev

Aimee and Mon making it look like summer

mondo orewa

Mon getting a small wave in

Guy Fawkes Day


Wow what a morning, check the pic below and see what the Harbour looks like. The tide is dropping though and will low as by luch time. A good high tide though for an after work paddle with 6.35 being its peak. No wind this morning and it will stay that way for a while.

Guy Fawkes glass

Guy Fawkes glass

A family paddle


Saturday afternoon ended up being warm and sunny with southwest breeze.  So it was off to Cox’s and Lorenzen bay on the high tide. Today is looking good as well. No wind first thing , just not a lot of water. High tide this afternoon at 3.20pm.

Ocean and Briar cruising on sarurday

Ocean and Briar cruising on sarurday


Saturday looking goooooood


Morning looking good for paddling today with high tide 1.30 this afternoon. We are expecting southwest  winds today that shouldnt be too strong this afternoon. Im keen to get out there today so see you on the water.

slicing through glass

slicing through glass

A month of tides


Hi below is the weekend high tides for the next month.

October Saturday 31st      01.40pm  Ht

November Sunday 01st   02.30pm Ht
November  Sunday 08th  08.50pm Ht
November Saturday 14th  01.30pm Ht
November Sunday 15th    02.10pm Ht

Slowly warming


Yes it slowing getting warmer. Alright when the suns out. We have had a few beautiful days paddling the last couple of weeks. Well worth making the effort. The weather map is looking good for paddling this weekend and we have the bonus of the tide being high just after lunch in the early afternoon.

Talking of tides , big ones at the moment with the full moon we have been having. The high tide is at 11.45 this morning. Light northerly first thing but it is forecast to get stronger.

morning paddle anyone ?

morning paddle anyone ?

Glorious glass


The Raglan Harbour at the time of this report is a sheet of glass. stretching right up the harbour. Its a grey day though with no sign of the sun bar the fact it isnt night. High tide is 11.40 this morning.

On Saturday morning we had a a few new season paddlers and it ended up as a father and daughter morning out. Good to see parents and kids making the most of a sport like paddle boarding to get together. below are couple of pics.

Naomi and her dad Peter

Naomi and her dad Peter

Chloe and her dad Chresten

Chloe and her dad Chresten


Weekend looking great


The forecast is for light winds both Saturday and Sunday mornings. We have a high tide at 9.25 am tomorrow and around ten on Sunday.

Looking forward to getting on the water with a group first thing tomorrow.

Glass off on the otherside

Glass off on the otherside

Another great day on the water


You needed  to be early to catch the tide this morning and we werent. But fortunately the breeze stayed away until midday and we snuck a low tide paddle in. got to make the most of the school holidays and get on the water as much as pos with the kids.

Grandson Daniel is a keen paddler and pushed us all the way to the dough boys and back.

school holiday fun

school holiday fun

Morning galss

Morning glass


High tide is this afternoon at 6.25pm.

School holidays yes


How is this weather for the first week f the school holidays ? Great I reckon. Need something to do during the holidays for you and the kids. Just give The Shed a yell, and we can sort out a bit of aquatic entertainment. Today was another great day with a high this morning at 10.30.

Tomorrow is looking just as good with a high tide at 10.45 . Expect light winds again with sea breezes in the afternoon. Yes,just like summer.

Glorious start to the day


Saturday has dawned clear and sunny. This is always a good break when the weekend is fine. High tide this morning is right now 8.15am. This means we pretty much have low water for most of the day. Low is at 2.10 this afternoon. So go get out there now if you can.

This morning looking inviting

This morning looking inviting

Now don’t forget daylight savings begins tonight. Which I think is exelent for more water time. After work during the week becomes an option. time to go before the tide drops away.

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 Learn to Stand Up Paddle

Situated  on the beautiful Whaingaroa Harbor  an enviable location,  that provides consistent conditions for surf and flat water instruction.  Allowing our school to cater for beginners in a safe environment,  through to paddlers who want to go to another level level and get out in the waves. There is access to the world  famous left hand points breaks and the consistent West Coast beaches along with calm inner harbour conditions.


Approved Instructor

The main thrust of the school will be towards Stand Up paddling, with group, and one on one lessons available along with board hire age.   We have spent the last few years promoting the sport of Stand Up paddling and have become well known in the region as the  people to come to, to find out  anything to do with stand Up paddling.

70 minute paddle lesson    $65
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Group beginners 70 minute  $45 pp

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Denise Twentyman  commented          “My grandson was very tentative to start with and you had his and him eating out your hand within minutes! I thought my older age and low fitness level, might struggle to last ten minutes but quite the contrary. With your supportand guidence the time was over before I noticed. Thank you.”

Riley styling

Riley styling

Many thanks for taking us out, we loved it, 
and if we are back again next year we 
will be sure to have 
another go!" Sally.
Thanks for the fantastic afternoon yesterday.
Hinekaye and I really enjoyed our time on the water.
She is still buzzing about standing on the board.
All the other kids are jealous they missed out on a great afternoon. ” Michelle.

Thanks again for such an incredible afternoon 
out on the water. Mat and I really enjoyed 
the experience and are looking forward 
to giving it another go. " Ashleigh.

"Ben said you were a good caring teacher 
who focuses on the positive.
thanks again"




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